Matty Sturtevant has been riding bikes quite enthusiastically for 4 decades. He remembers distinctly the first time he rode a mountain bike in the '80s and how it felt to him like a truck that could ride over anything. 

He moved to Central Oregon after being a successful photographer for 25 years and teaching at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a certified mountain bike instructor through PMBI and has Wilderness First Aid/CPR training through Bend’s own Adventure Medics.


His favorite bike ride ever was mountain biking Copper Canyon in Mexico where he found himself a little lost in the woods but fascinated because while he was lost deep in the forest, he could hear the drumming of Tarahumara Indians who live deep in the canyons of this mystical place.


BIKE STABLE:  I am down to just five bikes currently

FAVORITE BIKE:  Why Cycles R1 titanium gravel bike

Cameron Smith moved to Bend to live a more active lifestyle and spend more time biking, backpacking, and paddling.


He previously lived in Hawaii and is loving all that Central Oregon has to offer as far as varied terrain. He has Wilderness First Responder training from NOLS that he was fortunate to do in the wilds of Washington.


FAVORITE BIKE:  Specialized Fuse hardtail

FAVORITE RIDE:  Tiddlywinks Trail right here in Bend

Giddy Up Bike Adventures was born out of a passion for not only cycling but also sharing our beautiful neck of the woods with people of all different skill levels. Having adventures on a bike is an excellent way to have recreation while being kind to our planet. Also, we find that people love seeing what they are capable of on a bike. They are often surprised how far they can go and where they can go both externally and internally. Bicycles are excellent tools for adventure and they help us be better versions of ourselves. Oh, and they are REALLY fun. Giddy Up!

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